Bobby Collinson

I have two specific business drivers: making my business as good as it can be, and shaking up the marketplace. If I can do both, my customers will be the beneficiaries. I’m fascinated by the energy marketplace.

Over the last 20 years I’ve built up a hugely detailed knowledge of the suppliers, their pricing structures; market trends and the new dynamics driven by technological innovation. I’m also fascinated by customers – and how organisations seemingly so similar to outsiders can have vastly different energy needs.

Bringing demand and supply together expertly delivers the deal – that nexus of our expertise, supplier offering and customer need. When we get it right, the feeling is fantastic.

I’m always up for a challenge – setting up a business and making it a market leader – or the day-to-day challenge working as part of a high-performing team. That’s exactly what we’ve put together at Noveus Energy – genuine expertise focused on delivering for our customers.