Dynamic Risk Management

Is your current risk strategy fit for purpose?  In this article we explore why recent changes in the market have left some buyers stranded with an out of date energy buying strategy and what can be done about it.  The markets are moving – don’t get left behind!  If you haven’t reviewed your strategy for…

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Commodity Outlook

Our commodity outlook provides a fresh look at the markets – what’s driving prices and why – and crucially, what you should be looking out for in the future to guard against risk or to grab an opportunity.  Our briefing will give you all you need to come quickly up to speed with the key…

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Focus on Non-Energy Charges

Non-Energy charges are now a significant portion of your bill.  With so many subsidy schemes, network costs and taxes now recovered through these additional charges it can be hard to keep on top of how much you’re paying now and how much to expect in the future.  Our update will provide you with a complete…

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