We take an integrated proactive approach to energy management looking at your energy needs as a whole. Our objective analysis will offer the best range of products and services to meet your specific requirements.

We identify the most suitable energy tariff structure which links the usage profile to a wide range of demand side opportunities that generate income and cost savings.

Best in class product and service

Our strategy is product agnostic, bringing best-in-class service providers to our customers.

The result? We can give you objective advice that will deliver the greatest business benefit to you. In fact, we’re so convinced that this is the right approach that we’ll only propose our own products to you if we truly believe they’re the best in the industry to meet your needs.


We work with suppliers, product manufacturers and the wider energy industry to develop bespoke products to ensure the focus is on the customer in developing the next generation of services in response to the changing dynamics of the energy market.


The people you meet will be the people you work with. We are not in the business of selling work and handing on delivery of the work to a more junior team.  This partnership-oriented approach means no surprises, you will be kept informed at all times and we will ensure we have identified the key opportunities for you to save money and/or generate revenue.

We engage with a limited number of businesses at any one time thereby giving you our full focus as we design energy solutions that will both reduce costs and drive business efficiency.

Delivery process

We consider delivery to be the single most important element of our offering to clients.  Noveus Energy is proud to be a customer-centric business which very deliberately invests considerable time and effort into continually improving the customer experience.