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As your business energy consultants, we’re bringing new dynamism to the energy market. Backed by transparent fees, true innovation and bespoke solutions that put your real needs first, we excel where other consultants simply do not deliver.

Here are 3 reasons to choose us:

Boutique approach

We’re proud to have set ourselves up as a boutique consultancy. This means you get a highly attentive and personal service with bespoke solutions aligned to your business.

Handpicked Sectors

We deliver results by acting for select clients in handpicked sectors which ensures you are always working with a dedicated team that understands your specific requirements.

Transparent fees

We’re one of the only energy consultancies in the UK that charge transparent fixed fees rather than hidden/vague commission. Integrity is at our core.

Meet the key members of our delivery team:

Bobby Collinson

Managing Director
Previously a founder of the one the largest energy consultancies in the UK, Bob has been immersed in the market for over 20 years. He has hugely detailed knowledge of suppliers and pricing structures, as well as trends and new dynamics driven by technological innovation. He is firm in his belief that the energy market needs to re-focus on truly delivering for customers.

James Jenkins

Client Services Director
Having worked in the energy sector since 1999, James has the knowledge, skills, and practical application necessary to keep us firmly focused on delivery. Before co-founding Noveus Energy, he led the delivery of procurement, compliance and portfolio growth strategies for FTSE 100 and multinational clients with energy spends of >£100m.

Tony Dodds

Technical Services Director
Having worked in engineering services for 30 years, Tony has developed a detailed understanding of how to optimise assets and new connections (either contestable or non-contestable), as well as successfully negotiating with DNOs and IDNOs. His specific sector expertise is in large scale data centres and corporate commercial in which he has delivered over 1,500 MW of energy projects for clients.

Mark Callaway

Account Management Director
Starting a successful career during electricity deregulation in 1990, Mark was responsible for procurement and pricing at London Electricity before helping to create Entergy Koch Trading’s European and UK operations. He has since advised large clients with high energy spends and complex portfolios on risk and demand management and green energy choices - bringing together all this experience and expertise at Noveus Energy.

John Field

Head of Net Zero and Compliance
John delivers energy management solutions and net zero support, having previously overseen compliance for major legislative schemes such as UK ETS, Climate Change Agreements, ESOS, Simplified Energy and Carbon Reporting, and CRC (RIP). His roles have included president of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers and group chair at the Energy Systems and Technology Association.

Michelle Green

Head of Financial Control and Modelling
Working in UK energy for over 25 years, Michelle has led pricing teams at two major UK supply companies: Total Gas & Power and EDF. She has also designed and implemented new pricing and reporting systems; worked with new entrants to the UK electricity supply market; and developed new flexible purchase products for I&C customers.

Ralph Buechner

Head of Risk Management
Over the past 17 years, Ralph has gathered extensive experience in energy procurement and risk management, working with a wide range of industrial and commercial customers across the UK and Europe. Clearly focused on best practice and with in-depth market knowledge, he delivers high quality and optimal results.

Poonam Hutchinson

Energy Services Manager
Poonam has 15 years’ experience in the energy industry. Having worked in a variety of positions over the years, she has developed the expertise and skills to manage and advise our customers in a diverse range of operational services, including billing validation, portfolio management and energy procurement.

Clive Bassindale

Technical Services Manager
Having spent over 50 years in the energy market, Clive has succeeded at senior levels across UK supply. He advised the strategy team at London Electricity (now EDF Energy) on privatisation of the electricity supply market in 1990; also running highly complex connection projects at Canary Wharf for 20 years.

Katherine Smith

Energy Procurement Manager
With over 17 years’ experience, Katherine delivers a comprehensive energy procurement service with a strong customer focus. Her background in energy analyst and procurement roles enable Katherine to provide a complete tender process – from analytical data preparation and detailed negotiations through to contract conclusion and successful delivery.

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