We support the complex task of delivering budget certainty, a competitive energy price, sustainability goals and detailed energy reporting to tenants.

We ensure competitive energy costs through dynamic risk management, regular demand re-forecasting and detailed financial reporting.  We will also explore opportunities to utilise your existing generation and battery assets to generate revenue through grid schemes.

Our approach is to provide detailed 3-year financial forecasts. These identify changes in demand, as well as underlying variance in both wholesale energy costs and non-energy charges, to provide insight for reporting and tenant engagement. Sustainability is on our agenda too.

We would support your net zero strategy by exploring opportunities for corporate PPAs, private wire, on site renewables and the negotiation of 100% renewables in your energy contract.

Solving complex challenges for established data centres

Energy cost savings

Save 10% above traditional approaches with dynamic risk management

Financial control

Get detailed financial and demand forecasts for wholesale/non energy costs and demand

Environmental goals

Meet strategic, implementation, measurement and reporting goal