By delivering savings of up to 10% we consistently outperform the market when it comes to energy procurement contracts. Results difficult to beat.

Whether to go fixed or flexible? Before recommending which one, our approach pinpoints what success looks like and your appetite for risk.

By working as part of your team, we get you engaged in strategy development to deliver the best value contract available.

Key Procurement Benefits

Energy cost savings

Outperform the market with >10% savings with our unique approach

Insightful Reporting

Get detailed energy and non-energy cost forecasts and clear recommendations

Optimal contract delivery

Benefit from skilled negotiation of preferential terms to mitigate commercial risk

Fixed price energy contract

For clients seeking budget certainty and no surprises, fixed term contracts remain a popular choice.

By utilising a number of risk management techniques, our fixed price procurement service will determine the timing of your tender to secure the optimum price. We then ensure all costs are fixed and, if any exceptions, that these are clearly highlighted and discussed, with your first invoice validated too. With us, ‘no surprises’ really means no surprises.

Buyers beware: Elsewhere not all fixed price tenders are truly fixed, and costs can be hidden or passed through.

Flexible energy contract

With reductions in the volume threshold, you can now take better advantage of flexible contracts to manage the volatility in energy markets and generate cost savings.

Choosing which flexible contract offers the best value is not as clear cut as a fixed contract, with contractual terms and conditions often qualitative rather than quantitative. But our flexible procurement service will walk you through all of this. Our tender reporting and analysis incorporate a bespoke scoring process which presents the overall price, service and the underlying terms collectively. This makes decision making far easier.

Unlike competitors, our dynamic approach means your flexible contract is constantly reviewed and adjusted. The result: up to 10% greater savings than a static approach and increased opportunity to maximise market changes, and control and reduce costs.

Credit negotiations

In today’s climate of tight credit, price is not the only element that needs negotiating. Our broad experience and attention to detail in tender credit negotiations means we can present financials in the best possible light to suppliers and their insurers. This in-depth approach often removes the need for a security deposit payment and encourages suppliers to present alternative options.

Green Energy

We are constantly seeking the most cost-effective ways to procure green energy.Whether a 100% sourced electricity contract, a corporate power purchase agreement or a private wire directly with a clean energy generator, we will present a range of options. Each option would assess cost versus green credentials to ensure the negotiation meets both your procurement and net zero ambitions.