We will support you to define what net zero means in your business and how to achieve this goal and comply with national and industry standards.

Whilst the science on climate change and our collective need to achieve carbon reduction has never been clearer, the path to net zero is still far from standardised. So, whether you are just starting on your journey or already have a roadmap in place and want expertise to deliver your ambitions, our 5-step pathway (see below) is designed to support you and bring success.

Net zero & compliance benefits

Net zero, simplified

Support to develop and implement a proven pathway to achieve net zero

Cost effective procurement

Benefit from net zero carbon emissions achieved cost effectively

Demonstrable carbon reductions

Feel confident in the knowledge your footprint is as low as possible

5 step pathway to net zero

1. Measurement & strategy

We offer support to define what net zero means in your business and what should be included in calculating your carbon footprint. Using a data-led approach, we accurately quantify emissions across all operations.At this stage we would also establish the best carbon reporting schemes for you and why. This will form a blueprint for strategy development.

2. Reduction

Before embarking on any procurement activities, it is wise to ensure that carbon reduction activities are undertaken in all parts of your business. We would utilise energy audits and reports that you may have conducted (such as ESOS), whilst also reviewing base carbon footprint data to recommend measures. 

To ensure value for money, any suggested carbon reduction measures would be financially benchmarked against competing procurement of either offsets or green supply.

3. Procurement

Following reduction and optimisation of your carbon footprint, we carry out three key functions to achieve net zero for your business:

Green Energy Supply

Whether a 100% sourced electricity contract, a corporate power purchase agreement or a private wire directly with a clean energy generator, we will present cost-effective options to procure green energy. Each option would assess cost versus green credentials to ensure the negotiation meets both your procurement and net zero ambitions.

On-site renewables 

We will carry out a simple assessment, incorporating any technology and business constraints, to determine the feasibility of onsite renewables. If there is an appetite for this, we can complete a thorough assessment and support you to realise renewables on site.

Carbon Offsets

Using dedicated third-party providers, we are able to offset any remaining or unavoidable emissions to ensure your business reaches net zero, whilst supporting verified carbon offsetting projects.

4. Compliance

Our compliance service helps you get maximum value from all main UK schemes, including but not limited to SECR, ESOS, UK-ETS, GHG reporting services and CCA support.

5. Review & reporting

We would review your net zero trajectory annually and report on activities and progress for senior management, stakeholders and selected public disclosure schemes.