We actively manage your energy budget through a detailed monthly financial forecast and by ensuring all import and export invoices are correct.

Alongside day-to-day control of finances, our financial modelling capability will support you to understand the investment case for new or existing energy generation and net zero initiatives.

Energy Finance Benefits

Financial control

Detailed financial forecasts and invoice validation to ensure accurate budgeting

Informed investment decisions

Bespoke revenue cost modelling to allow full evaluation of business case

Full data provision

Complete support for carbon and net zero reporting requirements

Financial forecasting (energy & non-energy)

Our financial forecasting service provides you with full financial control and visibility of your energy costs for up to 3 years. Our service makes budget setting, procurement strategy adjustments and monthly variance measurement (cost and consumption) much easier for you to manage.

Revenue modelling

If you’re looking to make an investment in new or replacement energy infrastructure, including on-site generation, private wire and export, then our revenue modelling service will provide you with a bespoke revenue/cost model. 

The detailed insight we provide allows for assumptions to be challenged, new ideas to be explored and well-informed decisions to be made.

Bill validation (import, export & private wire)

We can either validate your energy bills or set up a process for you to do it in house.  

For more complex sites, our bottom-up approach of creating a replica invoice – by using half-hourly data and published non-energy data – provides the most accurate approach available in the UK market. 

Quite simply, our approach means no surprises in any aspect of your billing. Moreover, it delivers confidence that you’re paying the optimal amount for your business energy; however complex the energy procurement and demand management solutions you have in place.

Our bill validation service has the added benefit of immediate access to detailed, historic consumption data to inform carbon and net zero reporting requirements.

Data collection and access

Easy access to accurate demand and consumption data is essential for carbon reporting, energy management and ongoing effective procurement.  We will set up access so you can instantly view your energy history and trends, run reports and compare consumption patterns. Armed with this information you can measure energy performance and report on progress against agreed carbon targets.