We have a strong and consistent track record of outperforming the market for our high-profile retail and leisure clients, such as major attractions and outlets.

Through an initial tender, we would secure a competitive energy contract with the most advantageous terms specific to retail and leisure. Our commitment then focuses on realising opportunities to reduce year-on-year wholesale energy cost. We do this using a dynamic risk management approach.

To provide a detailed forecast of energy costs at site/area/portfolio level, we’ve developed a granular approach to portfolio and financial control. This helps you to manage the year ahead and budget tightly, whilst simultaneously reducing the administrative burden.

In addition, we understand the role that sustainability plays in enhancing your brand. We will support you with a wide range of initiatives – from environmental compliance, on-site renewables, corporate PPAs, and a targeted approach to energy management through bespoke benchmarking.

Delivering added value to retail and leisure sectors

Energy cost savings

Save 10% with competitive contract negotiation and a dynamic strategy

Portfolio control

Manage site level budgets, consumption reporting and group contract data

Environmental goals

Meet strategic, implementation, measurement and reporting goals