We have a very strong track record of consistent high-value results when organising new connections and complex metering.

Utilising the experience and technical insight of our specialist new connections and metering team, we have managed hundreds of complex projects across the UK.

Key connections & metering benefits

Timely connections

Careful project management to ensure time frames are met.

Specialist sub metering

Support to sub-meter your site and tenants to buy energy directly.

Time and cost saving

Competitive tendering of contestable works and sound project delivery.

New utility connections

We advise and manage all types of utility connections, disconnections and diversions. 

Successful connections are all about dedicating the time and attention to detail necessary to ensure the process stays on track – right through to final energisation.  

Our new connections service covers everything from the management of non-contestable installations and upgrades to power supplies, to the full procurement and management of contestable works.

Whatever the project, our core aim remains constant: to make any new connection, disconnection or diversion process simple, straightforward and delivered on time.

Complex energy metering

Need to set up a more sophisticated energy metering system? 

If so, our metering service can advise on all options open to you and the commercial case for each.  

For example, you may have multiple tenants at the same site who want to buy energy direct from a supplier, connect directly to the grid rather than at distribution (DNO) level, or change boundary (voltage) points. 

Once a particular route is chosen, we can work with you – as well as the supply chain and contractors – through each stage of the process to obtain technical compliance within agreed industry guidelines.

We are one of a very few consultancies that can deliver a specialist, complex energy metering service.  

Finally, we will ensure your metering contracts (MOP DA/DC contract management) are on the most cost-effective rates, something which is often overlooked but can save you £000’s.