The energy market is rapidly changing – from being over reliant on fossil fuels to being driven by intermittent renewable technologies.

Market changes have led to opportunity. You now have the flexibility to manage your demand and/or generate electricity to unlock savings and new revenue streams.

Our end-to-end demand side management helps you to understand the opportunities available, implement flexible solutions and realise revenue.

Key demand side response benefits

Independent assessment

Get full transparency of all schemes and their revenue potential

Agnostic approach

Maximise revenue either through an aggregator or direct via the grid

Revenue realisation

Benefit from schemes implemented on your behalf that deliver revenue

Independent assessment of schemes

We help to simplify what has become a complex landscape of flexibility and demand side schemes. 

Our flexibility and demand side response service calculates the commercial benefit of each scheme, identifies the technical and operational requirements and ultimately recommends which scheme(s) are the best fit for you.  

As part of our service, an independent assessment report will ensure you have the opportunity to consider all revenue opportunities in the marketplace, and how to make best use of them as UK energy policy evolves. 

Our report will contain detailed analysis. This draws on how different schemes have performed historically and what level of return they provide – in comparison to current market dynamics, including any potential regulatory or market changes.

Our service is highly valued because it provides good visibility of how all schemes operate in relation to your capacity to generate or avoid demand, and any operational requirements or constraints. It also includes a detailed 3-year forecast of the revenue or cost avoidance available.

Implementation and realisation of revenue

Whether you choose a direct approach or to go through an aggregator, we will support you to implement and realise the opportunity. 

If you choose the aggregator approach, we will tender to all aggregators in the market to ensure you get the maximum return for utilising your assets. 

If you choose to contract directly with the grid, we will carry out the entire application process including technical feasibility and the assessment/performance monitoring process. 

Once approved, we can support you to develop a winning bid strategy for the auction process. 

Once up and running, we ensure you receive the correct amount for utilisation of your on-site assets through verification of energy and billing data in relation to agreed contract terms.