Noveus Energy provides a fair, transparent, robust and effective system for handling any complaint recevied.  Our business is committed to delivering outstanding serivce on an ongoing basis and should we identify an opportunity to improve an offering, we will take action as you would expect.

As with any aspect of our business, complaints will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times.

Making a Complaint

Customers may make complaints using any of the following methods:

In writing, addressed to Noveus Energy Limited, Suite D Orwell House, The Strand, Wherstead, Ipswich, Suffolk IP2 8NJ

By email, addressed to

By contacting us by telephone on 0203 011 1785

When making a Complaint, you will be required to provide the following information in as much detail as is reasonably possible:

  • Your name, address, telephone number and email address (We will contact you using your preferred contact method as your Complaint is handled)
  • Details of your Complaint including, as appropriate, all times, dates, events, and people involved
  • Details of any documents or other evidence you wish to rely on in support of your Complaint
  • Details of what you would like Noveus Energy to do to resolve your Complaint and to put things right.(Please note that whilst we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate such requests, we are not bound to take any action beyond that which we may be contractually or otherwise legally obliged to take.)

How We Handle Your Complaint

  • Upon receipt of your Complaint, we will register the Complaint in our complaints log and will acknowledge receipt of it in writing within 48 hours, giving you a Complaint Reference.
  • When we acknowledge receipt of your Complaint we will also provide details of your Complaint Handler.
  • If we require any further information or evidence from you, the Complaint Handler will contact you as quickly as is reasonably possible to ask for it.We ask that you use reasonable efforts to supply any such information or evidence quickly in order to avoid delaying the complaints handling process.  If you are for any reason unable to provide such information or evidence we will use all reasonable efforts to proceed without it, however please be aware that we will not ask for further information or evidence unless we consider it important to the successful resolution of your Complaint.
  • We aim to resolve complaints promptly within 5 working days or less, however in some cases, particularly if your Complaint is of a complex nature, this may not be possible.If this is not possible for any reason you will be informed of the delay, the length of the delay and the reasons for it.
  • At the conclusion of the Level One complaints procedure, regardless of the outcome, we will provide you with full details of our investigation, our conclusions from that investigation, and any action taken as a result.You will also be reminded of your right to appeal our decision and escalate the complaint to the Ombudsmen Services within 12 months of receiving a final written response from Noveus Energy or if the complaint has been ongoing for more than 8 weeks.
  • Full records are kept of any complaint received, including all pertinent dates and agreed resolution activities recorded.

Complaint Resolution

As a business committed to delviering outstanding custmer service, we would expect any complaint to be concluded in an expedieent and highly satisfactory manner, potentially through full apology, a goodwill gesture or in other ways that correspond with the nature of the complaint. 

Confidentiality and Data Protection

All Complaints, Appeals, evidence and other information gathered, held and processed under this Complaints Procedure shall be treated with the utmost confidence at all times.  Such information may be shared with employees of Noveus Energy only to the extent required to resolve the Complaint in question in accordance with this Complaints Procedure.

Procedure Review and Responsibility

  • Overall responsibility for this Complaints Procedure and the implementation thereof lies with the Noveus Energy Client Services Director
  • This Complaints Procedure shall be reviewed regularly to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to the ongoing delviery of services
  • This service is impartial and free of charge for all our clients to use