Around 2,500 brokers operate in the UK, 99% of which are paid by commission. Because the market is unregulated this can leave brokers free to collect as much commission as they like.

The result for many: you can end up paying disproportionality high fees in the form of commission to brokers. Not just once but on a recurring basis for the life of the supply contract.

How much commission can be charged?

Commission levels range from circa 3-10% of your total annual energy bill. The most common method is to include a p/kWh rate on all energy used. Here’s an example:

How is commission collected?

Often brokers present services to clients as ‘free of charge’ by suggesting that energy suppliers pay the broker a retainer fee for placing a contract with them. 

This is untrue because suppliers pay brokers by adding commission to the bill, which is ultimately paid by the client.

How much could you save with a fixed fee contract?

A fixed fee contract means complete transparency and integrity. Our fixed fee reflects the amount of work undertaken. You only pay once, even if you agree a 2 or 3-year contract.

We can even provide evidence from the appointed energy supplier that zero commission has been included in your contract.

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