In the DCM’s Managing the Power special, our feature – Managing dominant shifts in power provision – looks at navigating the current market amid recent geopolitical changes and provides an overview of existing renewable energy sources in a fast-moving marketplace.

With the current state of the energy market and significant advances in renewables justifiably dominating the headlines, recent geopolitical changes and renewable energy sources should be areas to focus on for data centres considering ongoing and future power provision.

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Navigating the market

At Noveus Energy, we continuously assess the implications of any shift in the market and take a weekly snapshot published as our Radar Report, which provides an overview of the current situation, headlines across all energy markets and accompanying insights, and a market outlook. Click to get in touch if you’d like to receive our Radar Report ›

Choosing the right renewable energy sources

Now is when tenants will be insisting on renewable power, and when reducing emissions and achieving net-zero targets are central challenges. Many renewable energy options are available to you, but be aware that this is a fast-moving market, and both the cost and availability will come under pressure in the next 12-24 months.

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