We’re delighted to be featured in the Buyers’ Guide 2021, produced by Data Centre Management in association with the DCA, the data centre trade association.

Much of our work is now in the data centre space, with both early-stage and established centres. It feels great to engage with this audience further through crucial publications like the Buyers’ Guide and trade associations like the DCA.

This year’s Buyers’ Guide features my article on choosing the best approach to energy purchasing. In the feature, I introduce two energy purchasing approaches:

“If you’re responsible for energy purchasing at a data centre and as you look to manage risk better and search for a competitive energy price, you’re likely already considering on-going budget pressures, can foresee expected market fluxes and demand increases, and are self-generating energy on-site. In amongst all of this, you have two options when it comes to managing energy purchasing and the associated risks: a static approach or a dynamic approach.”

Comparing static and dynamic energy purchasing, I then describe how, with a dynamic approach, a lower commodity cost is delivered by maximising the benefit of market volatility and limiting the risk of buying when prices are artificially high.

Although a dynamic approach “requires daily analysis and ongoing adjustments to deliver a price lower than the average market”, I conclude that “you can consistently deliver savings of >10% above static models and benefit from greater flexibility.”

Here at Noveus Energy, we consistently outperform the market when it comes to energy procurement contracts by delivering savings of up to 10%. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch via our contact page.

Click here to read a PDF of Bob’s Buyers’ Guide article in full