As part of its drive towards net-zero, the UK government has launched phase 2 of the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF).

What’s the aim of the fund?

The fund’s twin objectives are to reduce energy costs and emissions for industry and reduce the cost and risk of new deep decarbonisation technologies by demonstrating that they work. It aims to deploy £220m for qualifying projects in 2022, distributed in four rounds throughout the year.

At the time of writing, applications for this round of grant funding are open and will run until Friday 29 April 2022. In this round, £60million is available to support studies and projects in energy efficiency and deep carbonisation.

For data centres:

Data centres are allowed to participate, with the government recognising that the reduction of data centre demand is pivotal in reducing commercial sector demand.

If you’re a data centre and considering changing your diesel to gas generators, you may be able to get funding and our funding guide PDF should be essential reading.

Your PDF guide is now available

As mentioned, we’ve produced an essential free guide to the Industrial Energy Transformation Fund, covering what’s on offer and how to apply.

If you’d like a copy of this latest PDF resource, please get in touch via our website contact form.

Do you have an Industrial Energy Transformation Fund project in mind?

If so, here are three reasons to ask for our help to support your application:

  1. We’ve amassed years of hands-on experience managing hundreds of complex energy projects across the UK.
  2. We know how to deliver scalable, versatile and forward-looking energy solutions that get results.
  3. We bring detailed knowledge and understand the opportunities available in a rapidly changing energy market.

If you’re considering an application and would like our support, please call John Field or Bobby Collinson at Noveus Energy on 020 3011 1785.