The National Grid and the local electricity networks implemented a new charging system effective from April 2023 and April 2022 respectively adding new “banded” electricity charges to bills. These changes, driven by OFGEM, categorises customers into size bands based on their connection capacity (kVA) and voltage rather than their actual power usage. Large consumers, like data centres, factories, etc., might experience significant cost differences due to these changes, potentially paying more if they’re at the bottom end of a band and less if they’re closer to the top end. To address these shifts, customers are advised to check their band allocation’s accuracy and explore moving to a lower band.  Noveus Energy recently saved a client £700,000 per annum in this way and we are also helping clients to plan ahead and achieve the best outcomes when new banded charges take effect in April 2026.

About our latest technical briefing

In our latest technical briefing we give more information about the issues and potential ways we can help you to reduce your electricity costs. You can view the briefing here.