If you purchase energy within your business, you’ve probably been following the current situation regarding energy prices. You’re likely discussing the implications within your business.

Over the last few weeks, the market has been changing rapidly. Gas prices are at record highs. Indeed, higher business energy costs and extreme market volatility are set to remain in the short term (winter 21) period.

What’s driving the current market?

Factors driving the market and price hikes include UK & EU gas storage levels, the Russian gas supply/the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) supply, wind generation, and the situation with other commodities such as gas, oil, coal, and carbon.

About our latest technical briefing

In this latest technical briefing, we’ve taken a close look at each of these market drivers, detailing the current situation, outlook and best/worst-case scenarios. Our jargon-free overview offers key insights and takeaways for each market driver, presented in a convenient and manageable matrix view.

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