Towards the end of 2021, COP26 shone a light on climate change, while climate-saving directives such as net-zero were already turning attention to the need for more renewables.

As 2022 gets underway, in our view the supply of renewable energy will only increase, as both businesses and consumers demand zero carbon energy from suppliers alike. Importantly, government net zero policy will drive out coal (and eventually gas) in exchange for renewable generation.

What are your options?

If you are involved in energy purchasing decisions within your organisation, you’re likely keeping a keen eye on the renewables market and the source of greener supplies. But what are your options, and do you have enough clear-cut information to make informed decisions? You may even be asking what’s the difference between REGO and GoO, and how do I know that energy is truly ‘green’?

About this technical briefing

In this latest technical briefing, we’ve broken down the renewable energy options available to you, including a definition for each one, how you can purchase and likely costs. It’s presented in a table format, enabling you to compare options easily. We’ve even busted some of the jargon by providing a glossary of terms in use across the market. Finally, we’ve included a section on what’s next, helping you to understand better things like a Corporate Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA), REGOs and GoOs, bundled and unbundled options, as well as additionality.

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