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Data Centres

We support the complex task of delivering budget certainty, a competitive energy price, sustainability goals and detailed energy reporting to tenants.

Independent Schools

By delivering a simpler, low-cost alternative we’re redefining how energy procurement operates in the independent school sector.

Corporate and Commercial

Our credentials in the corporate and commercial sector have been firmly established by delivering solid, market-beating energy procurement results.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Industrial and manufacturing businesses often have complex energy systems and requirements, and this is where we bring unrivalled value to industry.

Retail and

We have a strong and consistent track record of outperforming the market for our high-profile retail and leisure clients, such as major attractions and outlets.

Early-Stage Data Centres

We help new data centres stand out from the crowd, drive growth and demonstrate early-stage revenue capability to investors.

Request a sample report

Our comprehensive reports and updates keep you in the know about energy and non-energy prices, as well market conditions, fluctuations and the future outlook. All we ask is that you sign up for what you'd like to receive.