We’re delighted to feature in the latest issue of Intelligent Data Centres (IDC) in their energy security special, exploring whether the UK grid will provide the secure energy supply you require.

In the feature article, Noveus Energy’s Managing Director, Bob Collinson, first considers the UK grid’s available capacity and the situation with new connections. He then looks at the on-site self-generation of energy through renewable options to mitigate the risk of not getting connected.

The feature concludes with a look at related pressures on data centres, including hedging market costs, tenant expectations and regulatory constraints soon to come into play.

Read the IDC feature article in full here (and head to pages 21-23) ›

While considering whether new data centres can get a grid connection, Bob writes: “The reality is that it’s challenging to get one for a new development or to increase capacity at an existing site.”

He continues, “Gone are the days when you’d be guaranteed a grid connection, and your data centre’s power supply would be up and running. Today, new data centres need to show greater creativity and be savvy and flexible in achieving diversity of supply to reach their required capacity endpoint.”

Bob concludes that “renewables should be your friend, with on-site self-generation at the top of the hierarchy to ensure a secure energy supply.” He then introduces our hierarchy of renewable needs graphic, which you can view and read more about in our blog, Making renewables integral to your strategy.

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